Published On : 19/Nov/2023 03:50:23 PM

It Is Totally The Decision Of The Surgeon Or Sometimes Various Reasons Come Up There Are A Few Situations When It Is  Possible To Extract A Tooth Immediately.Damage To Other Teeth: Having An Extra Set Of Molars Can Force Your Other Teeth Out Of Position, Which Can Lead To Biting Issues And Mouth Pain.Jaw Damage: The New Teeth May Be Surrounded By Cysts. They Can Cause Nerve Damage And Hollow Out Your Jaw If Left Untreated.Sinus Issues: Pain, Pressure, And Congestion In The Sinuses Can Result From Issues With Wisdom Teeth.Inflamed Gums: The Surrounding Tissue May Expand And Become Difficult To Clean.Cavities: Inflamed Gums Can Leave Spaces Between Teeth Where Bacteria Can Thrive And Cause Cavities.Alignment: Wisdom Teeth That Are Impacted Might Squeeze Out Neighbouring Teeth And Potentially Necessitate Orthodontic Treatment.